The SSSB was started in 1924 with the purpose to bring soil science to the attention of the broader public with particular focus of the young people. This original mission of SSSB is more relevant now than ever – soil and soil suitability comes daily in the media in the public debate: trade- offs between food production versus bio-fuels, the preservation of our pristine soils, the conservation of our soil heritage, the rehabilitation of marginal lands and the remediation of polluted soils.
It is therefore timely to bring the information on soil matters of Belgium in an orderly way under one roof into a well-organized website.

On this website information can be found on:

  • Who is who in Belgium in soil science
  • The job-market in Belgian soil business
  • What is the outcome to society of the successfully finished research projects
  • Which projects are presently running and who is responsible
  • How is soil science education organized in Belgium in the various academic institutions and the high-school associations?
  • What’s the news of the young soil scientists in Belgium
  • How can I participate in the many activities of the SSSB activities and have a voice in the public debate on soil matters

This website intends to be a first entry, and it is hoped that the information provided will serve as a fruitful step-stone to further exploration of the soilscape of Belgium in its broadest dimensions and context.


Karen Vancampenhout
Soil Science Society of Belgium (SSSB)